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Asking the Big Questions

June 7, 2012

In many ways this is a foundational topic.  Are there firm answers to life’s “big questions” about beliefs, values and priorities, or only provisional answers for a given situation, time and place?  Even more importantly – WHY should we ask life’s big questions?

This question of WHY is a good tool for examining our own actions and at times, those of others.  As we turn the WHY question onto the topic of beliefs, values and priorities, it has an effect of digging “deeper” until we find the bedrock of our worldview and our basis for judging truth, making life decisions, setting priorities, etc.

This is incredibly important in our modern-day lives, to truly examine our often-unstated assumptions and insure that they are correct, coherent, and consistent.   WHY?

Our culture has left behind Truth and adopted Tolerance as our primary governing goal.  Starting from the post-modern entry point of acknowledging different perspectives and preferences, our world has gone far beyond the rational – in fact has purposefully left rationality behind – to a point where any bizarre belief or assumption can be called “true” just so long as someone is willing to stand up and own it as “their personal belief”.

In this blog I will call out some of the worst of the effects of this error in thinking.  Memo to the world: the fact that some people need eyeglasses and others are color-blind does NOT therefore lead to the conclusion that any hallucination anyone wants to claim is “really there”.

What is challenging is that often these “hallucinations” – these personal beliefs created to suit – are presented in very appealing language and in a way that “feels good”.   I leave you with an example I want to unpack and examine later…

Anton Chekhov said:  Men are made for happiness, and anyone who is completely happy has a right to say to himself: “I am doing God’s will on earth.”

Is this “true” ?


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