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Carl Sagan makes Contact with proof of Creation

June 19, 2012

Contact is an interesting and entertaining book by the famous astronomer Carl Sagan; the book was later well-made into a movie. Dr. Sagan was a famous atheist who was quoted many times denying God. Interesting then, that this work of worldview-rich fiction would include a key insight that proves that there must have been a Creator…

In a powerful moment in the story, the heroine, a SETI scientist, picks up a signal from a distant star system which comes in separated bursts. When she realizes that the bursts are counting out prime numbers, she makes the key insight:

“There’s no way that’s a natural phenomenon!”

…She leaps to this conclusion immediately – with no debate or analysis. Even with all their scientific training, her colleagues make it right along with her, as do the readers and moviegoers. And there is no doubt that, were the same event to occur in real life, the conclusion would be made just as quickly and unanimously. IT IS OBVIOUS – some other intelligence has sent that signal.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with Creation…? Everything. For if scientists would be so willing to accept the counting of prime numbers as proof of external intelligence, how is it possible to deny the intricate design and balance we find in the universe? Within the natural laws themselves? Within the wonder of a single DNA molecule containing all the instructions needed to create something as wonderous as a human being?

There’s no way that’s a natural phenomenon!

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  1. Jason Brown permalink

    Excellent point! It is a proof to the power of the education system that so many otherwise intelligent people can look at the amazing universe before us, from the perfect positioning of the Earth and its moon in the solar system, to the intricate structure of one’s DNA, and yet believe that it all came into being through random mutation, natural selection, etc. Your post points out the obvious absurdity of that mainstream view.

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