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No Longer Dead, But Dying

September 12, 2012

Christians are the only people on earth who are truly alive. Non-believers exist all around us, but are caught up (as all Christians once were) in their sinful selfish desires; Jesus said they are literally “slaves” to sin, unable to choose any other direction. Because they are spiritually dead their physical lives can only lead to selfishness and emptiness.

Funerals of the unsaved are the saddest occasions imaginable for this reason. It is the physical death of someone who was already spiritually dead. The utter void of real meaning in their lives is palpable, at least to Christians. Some may take issue with that statement, pointing to those the world calls “great”, that their meaning was achieved by fame or power or intellect or wealth. But consider the hard sad truth of their lives: any worldly achievements are vain and empty apart from God’s will. (Eccl.1-2)

For in truth what have they really done, even those judged greatest by other men, as enemies of God? Led themselves to eternal punishment. Served as a sinful example to their children, friends, coworkers and neighbors. Nurtured monumental pride, whether hidden or public, at their self-perceived “goodness”. Taken power or wealth as they were able from the world, but used it only to magnify their own wrong ends. Secured a place in history books to come, to cover an insecurity of their own self doubts. Made discoveries of the world’s mysteries, only to bask in the glory of that discovery, and not in the true glory of the Creator of all mysteries. “Left their mark” without realizing that from their eternal destination it will never enter their minds. They are (once again, as all Christians once were as well), as ants who lived believing their larger stack of dirt meant something.

What a blessing is true spiritual Life! To be freed from the slavery of sin! Not freed from temptation, and not to achieve perfection by any means, but to feel God’s power and sanctification in our lives and to glimpse that perfection to come. To be aware of the amazing gift we have been given, although we never could have deserved it. To know that with that spiritual life, our physical lives might glorify God even if in a small way. It is amazing and humbling. And yet…

Why is it so difficult to live in a way that is consistent with our standing before God?

Each of us lives in a physical body that is dying – no matter if we are children, young adults, middle-aged or elderly. It is undeniable, and yet few of us ever stop and consider this powerful truth. In my last post I concluded that our lives belong completely to God, whether there remain years to come or only days, and whether that brings us a long life or one cut short by His will.

We waste time treating life as a playground and not the battlefield that it truly is. We find ways to accomodate our Christianity to forms that the world finds harmless so they will not fire on us. We continue to choose sin although we have been set free to choose righteousness. We make excuses about our lack of giftings to attempt great things for God, although each of us, if we own a car or even rent an apartment, is wealthier than the vast majority of people on this globe, and likely better educated and more free.

We have each been given five talents; will we be faithful with it, and enter the joy of our master? (Matt 25:21) Should it not energize us to realize who God truly is, why we are here – and more importantly, to realize that we are only here for a prescribed period of time?

My fellow Christians, praise God we are no longer dead. But let us live like we are dying!


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