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Alive in a World which Dishonors Life

November 4, 2012

In her book Why Have Kids?, Jessica Valenti includes the following concepts as “Lies” that society pushes on us as we grow up:

  • Children make you happy
  • Women are the natural parent
  • Children need their parents
  • Mother knows better than friends and the rest of the world

She sees these concepts as damaging falsehoods, and instead suggests these hidden “Truths” as better foundations for a fulfilled adult life:

  • We should give up on parenthood
  • Smart women don’t have kids
  • The nuclear family is dying
  • Women should work

She includes this quote from a woman who feels going to work is a “vacation” from parenting: “Kids whine, they cry; they ruin movies and vacations. I once had to get off a train because my kid was crying so hard.”

Never in history has a society’s attitudes been set more against Life than in our society – here and now.

Our society’s disrespect for Life comes in many forms, from self-indulgent militant feminism like Ms. Valenti’s to lackadaisical views on euthenasia. In what is by far the most powerful evidence of our society’s willingness to prioritize lifestyle and convenience over Life, four thousand babies are murdered every day in America in abortion mills operating in all of our major cities. Over fifty million babies have been killed since the procedure was legalized in Roe v. Wade (1973), some at over 38 weeks gestation! (Since Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992) abortion has been legal in America up to the point the baby enters the birth canal if a claim is made that the mother’s health is at risk).

Our public schools are brainwashing children across the nation that they should limit their family sizes to avoid population overgrowth. We have even come to the point where a scholarly paper can be published supporting infanticide as a corollary right – equivalent to “post-birth abortion”. The slippery slope is now right under our feet as a nation.

How did this happen? It is the confluence of our temptation to redefine terms to suit economic and political convenience, so long as the veneer of rationality and human rights can be preserved. Planned Parenthood’s original name was the American Birth Control League; while this was certainly a more accurate name for the organization’s philosophy and purpose, it lacked the all-important political veneer until its name was changed to Planned Parenthood. It is under this name (shockingly including the word “Parenthood”?) that the organization has been successful at obtaining government funding since 1970, support which now reaches half its operating budget. Over $400,000,000 per year is transferred from U.S. taxpayers to support this organization. With what Constitutional mandate?

My family and I were in San Francisco earlier this year and were approached by a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood who wanted our signatures on a petition to increase its federal funding. After talking with us for 5 minutes this young lady admitted that PP probably shouldn’t be getting government money at all “if the Constitution is our basis”. I felt pretty good that my gentle probing questions might have encouraged her conscience – until she followed up with this sentiment: “These days it doesn’t seem like our government really follows the Constitution any more. I mean there are a lot of problems we have to solve now that aren’t mentioned at all in the Constitution, so it’s our responsibility to figure it out from here.” Sadly this can serve as a fairly concise summary of the liberal position, not only vis-a-vis the Constitution, but the Bible as well.

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” — Proverbs 14:12

No doubt there are young women who would struggle to serve as a fit mother to a child. No doubt there are young men who flee commitment and responsibility. No doubt there are potential grandparents who are concerned they would have to raise the child themselves (just as they are approaching their long-deserved “quiet years”). Is the answer to these challenges to suborn MURDER? Even murder which is wrapped in that all-important veneer via redefining words like “Life” and “Viable”? Redefining terms can never make evil acceptable.

FALLACY ALERT: It is interesting that those who often desire protection for the “natural state” in the environment are often the most vehement in their support of abortion rights. In the end though, the fact is unescapable: Abortion kills a life which left to natural course would be born just like all of us once were; it is as much murder as taking our life would be.

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” — Ronald Reagan

On one block babies born at 24 weeks gestation are being monitored by teams of doctors and nurses with the most advanced medicine and equipment; on another block babies of the same age are having their arms and legs sliced off so their body parts can be more easily sucked through a hose. We are living in a nation with no moral compass. Perhaps a lesson can be drawn from the method of counting age many Asian cultures utilize – beginning at conception, rather than birth.

The Impact of Ending Abortion in America

Putting aside the political and legal challenges with ending abortion in America, could we handle the practical ramifications? I believe we could, but not without significant reverberations through our society: churches would need to step up to their God-given responsibilities to care for orphans and the fatherless in their midst (Jam.1:27); adoption would need to become simpler, cheaper, and more widespread; some natural mothers would likely decide to keep their babies, increasing the number of young mothers needing assistance; more grandparents would be required to prioritize the life of their grandchild(ren) over their sunset years’ leisure time; without an easy “escape” from an unwanted pregnancy, more young people would decide to abstain until marriage.

These changes are not too big for God! There are something like 100 Christian families in America for every new unaborted baby which would be born each year. Whether it’s adoption or additional support for young parents, we can do this. With a combination of these and other societal changes, we could successfully end abortion in America, and come through stronger for it. Beyond the moral benefits of the changes listed above, with more babies being born, we would rollback the Demographic “Winter” we see on our horizon, which combines a perfect storm of lifespans extending retirement years with reduced population of working age. The pattern of families having a single child creates a “support ratio” of 1 worker to 4 grandparent retirees; our entitlements system was barely treading water when 2 average children created an even ratio of 4:4.

Make no mistake though: these societal changes would be major, and many would be skeptical of the trade-off. But borrowing an analogy used to great effect in Ray Comfort’s short film “180”, do we not all see in hindsight the evil of Nazi Germany’s forced work programs and genocide? And to the German citizens’ protests about the social changes they would have endured by ending the benefits they received from slave labor and reduced sick/elderly costs – do we not desire to shout to them down through the decades?:



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