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The Secret War Against Manhood

November 14, 2012

Gamer Dad car sticker

I saw this sticker on the back window of a minivan recently in suburban America. Of all the icons available for the father, what did they choose? A Video Gamer – turned away from the rest of his family toward his screen. For the mother? A Super Mom complete with cape, with her attention turned toward the kids. And so they demonstrate for the rest of the world and their own children that this father cares more about his video game skills than his own family or any achievements in the real world, leaving his wife to carry all of the family responsibilities.

I don’t mean to pick on just one family, but their example seems emblematic of a secret war our society has been waging against Manhood for decades. It is fought in the workplace, creating a common joke when men discuss spending personal time or money: “I have to ask my wife’s permission”. It is fought in the military where “Don’t ask Don’t tell” (less than 20 years ago) served as a single transitional step between our masculine military traditions to open acceptance of both homosexuals and women in our fighting units.

As many others have stated, movies and TV are the most visible and critical battle lines in this war on Manhood, transitioning us in just 1-2 generations from Atticus Finch to Clark W. Griswold, from Charles Ingalls and Andy Taylor to Homer Simpson and Al Bundy.

But the battle starts far earlier in life – in our schools, where “normal” boyhood energy has been progressively pushed outside the fringe of acceptable school behavior, in favor of feminine “calmer” demeanor. Does this account for part of the fact that over 2/3 of ADHD “diagnoses” are made in boys? Most shockingly, many are being taught that in addition to boys and girls there is an entire “gender spectrum” from which they can choose for their sexual identity!

All of the battlefronts in the war are losing ground in similar ways: society is filling with more and more men (fictional and real) who are weak, foolish and incapable of self control. Who is pushing us in this direction? Feminists, who undoubtedly feel a destruction of manhood opens a void they can fill – and Socialists, who gain more influence the more the traditional family, society and economy are weakened. Although the leaders of these efforts absolutely initiate and fund actions to undermine traditional Manhood, for the most part they shroud their goals in narrow positive terms to their supporters and the outside world, so the War against Manhood remains mostly secret.

Some see coordination across multiple groups over multiple generations, and claim we are fighting a widespread conspiracy. At first glance it seems doubtful that Feminists and Socialists could have acted in concert to take enough control of Hollywood and education – particularly beginning against the Father Knows Best society of 50 years ago – to achieve this level of influence. Aren’t entertainers just focused on ratings and selling tickets? Likewise aren’t school curriculum authors focused on selling books?

Unfortunately, the Feminist Socialist agenda has achieved that much influence, but I believe it has only needed human nature to do so, and not a major conspiracy. Once a few very motivated individuals (John Dewey, Eugene Debs, Adrian Scott, et al.) garnered enough influence to start a few key institutions leaning in this direction, it developed its own momentum. Those raised with progressive sensitivities (and/or who are influenced in public school) are led to believe that these values are “fairer” and contribute to “social justice” to counteract the unfairness they see in the world around them; they come to believe that neither the Bible nor the Founding Fathers have any insights relevant for our complex society, and that we owe it to ourselves and our children to “make the world a better place”. And a very effective way to “soften” society for this improvement is to knock down Manhood and traditional family roles. They see that the world is broken and see people – especially government – as the main solution. This kind of attitude generates energy and motivation to CHANGE.

Those raised with conservative values see the wisdom of the traditional roles and values and do not fall into the trap of believing all new Progress is improvement. They see that the world is broken and that people – especially government – are the main cause. BUT in a world where so much other change is good (e.g. in medicine, technology, science), standing against social change can appear close-minded, scaring many off from doing so. And of course as the deterioration continues, men are made weaker in their resolve, and there are fewer willing to stand up to the forces of change that set the direction in the first place.

…And so the continued degeneration of Manhood contributes to, and is symptomatic of, our broader deterioration toward a more liberal society, and ultimately into Statism.

No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house. — Mark 3:27

Instead of giving our kids to the state to let them absorb its worldview, instead of allowing our children to absorb what Hollywood puts out, to be pulled into the prevailing secular feminist socialist currents with no regard to God’s Word, we should be training our kids to stand on God’s Word as His soldiers in this war. We should especially be training our boys to be STRONG MEN. God may not give us the victory in our lifetime, but in a War our job is to fight the battles into which we’re put.

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