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A Letter to My Younger Self

August 30, 2014

Younger self, you are lost. I wish I could travel back in time to educate you – and thereby save myself significant mistakes and many unproductive and counter-productive years, but God has set time to run in one direction. If there’s a chance that writing this letter might help me in teaching my kids though, it is worth writing…

You are Not a Christian

You “accepted Christ” at 12 years old, but it will be more than a decade later before you feel the leading of the Holy Spirit that lets you consider that God has made you a new creation. I cannot help but regret these lost years and all the things you will think, say and do in them. Saying a prayer did not make you a Christian, and that idea you have in your mind that you’ll eventually clean up your act is actually keeping you from God – because it is keeping you from understanding the deep truth that you are still a sinner without a Savior.

You actually know this truth, if you think about it. How could a Christian have the kinds of doubts you have about God’s very existence? Once He has changed your heart, your doubts will melt away.

Your Scientific Worldview is Wrong

Your worldview is a constant source of misinformation to you. It causes you to filter out correct information and it gives credence to ideas you should ignore completely. You’re wrong on so much that you think you know. You have not read enough books; you have not read the right books. You have heard good advice from a few people in your life, but you do not possess the discernment to know it when you hear it.

You believe the propaganda from public school that science has lifted mankind out of a superstitious quagmire, and therefore only science offers us a basis on which to decide truth. Think about this idea for a moment: can you really live life consistently believing only those things that science has proven to you? Could you ever feel love or inspiration?

You have to learn this key truth: that scientific progress in engineering does not mean science is the sole source of truth.

You Trust Too Much in your Friends

Why do you believe your friends more than the adults in your life that you know love you and want the best for you? What makes you believe that any of your friends know anything more or better than you do? – and deep down you know how little that really is.

Put aside the teenage creed that your generation is the first one to really understand the meaning of life. Realize that your peers are desperate for acceptance, and that all of you are falling down to the lowest common denominator among you in order to avoid being perceived as uncool or stiff.

You are being carried along by the stream of culture, and until you realize that and can step out of it you will never be able to even begin the search for truth.

Evolution is an Emperor With No Clothes

You’ve been taught that Evolution explains the beginning and variety of all life on earth, when in reality it is a “theory” with no credible evidence or cohesive worldview.

Do not be fooled – evolution is truly an emperor, reaching far beyond the science classroom into the way people think about ourselves. You see the beginning signs around you of the “animalization” of man. What in twenty years will become the “hookup” culture is having its seeds planted in movies, TV shows and teenage relationships all around you.

Dare to investigate evolution – challenge it. Probe it beyond its outer layer and you’ll find just what it is: wishful thinking from a culture desperate to cut itself off from God at the source – Life.

Postmodernism is Not the Ultimate Achievement of the Human Intellect

That same culture so desperate to separate from God is desperate for philosophical rationalizations to enable it to write its own morality.

Postmodernism is not a search for truth but a denial of the existence of truth. The lives lived by the early postmodern philosophers stand as proof that what they were really seeking was to redefine morality to include whatever sin they were interested in indulging.

Money is Not the Scorecard for Life

You need to change your thinking about money – its importance and its uses. Prepare yourself so you can provide well for your family but then expand your concept of “lifestyle” to include all the other aspects of “work” which are far more important than money.

When God blesses you beyond the minimum you need to live on, hold it loosely and never forget from Whom it comes. Be generous for His glory – not your own!

Debt is not a sin, but neither is it perfectly fine

As a young husband you will be faced with many chances to “pull forward” future earnings to live better now. Everyone will be telling you to stop renting and buy a house; all your friends will be buying brand new cars on credit. You will be tempted to count on what seems a likely stream of growing future income and have these things now.

Stop and consider that debt is not just about qualifying and being willing to pay the interest payments. “Maxing out” the payments for which you qualify becomes a chain tied around your neck – forcing you to continue earning what you are earning, likely forcing you to keep doing what you’re doing for a living, where you’re doing it, unless you can find equivalent pay somewhere else with no interruption in your paychecks. A high debt load will make it hard to stack up any significant savings or to ever feel comfortable starting your own venture.

Consider again that wider concept of “lifestyle” – not just what you can afford to do, but your peace and confidence that you will be able to continue to afford all the things you’ve already committed to pay.

The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is a servant to the lender. — Proverbs 22:7

Have as Many Children as God Will Give You

You’re less wrong on this topic than on most others, but even here you still hold so many wrong ideas in your head.

Do not worry about the arithmetic of clothing, food, cars and college tuition. No economic arithmetic can stand against the value of life! Would you have preferred not to be alive at all if you were unable to have brand new clothes, eat out 5x a week and get a college degree?

You see how tragic is this thinking. It is another tendril of the evolutionary scientific worldview which has taken over western society – even among many Christians.

Even more tragically, although later in your life you will come upon the truth of the other components of this letter, on this topic your eyes will be opened too late.

The Girl of Your Dreams is Really Out There

You’ll know her when you meet her. And yes, the fact that she’s so different from you in so many ways – that will become a very big blessing to your life.

The Search for Truth will Bring You to God

I know that you’ll have to go through it all – many years of study and late-night reading. You cannot shortcut this process of rebuilding your worldview foundation, because you need to build it on solid ground.

Even knowing that, though, I wish I really could go back in time to inject just this one truth into the brain of my younger self about 20 years ago: The Search for Truth will lead to God. So search on!

Your older, wiser, incompletely sanctified Self

P.S. you really do NOT need those parachute pants… Just buy some jeans. Trust me 🙂


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