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Why I have my kids read Charles Darwin

August 13, 2017

I am a Creationist, and I am teaching my kids to be Creationists. But I’ve realized that I differ with some others who share my beliefs…

While some parents feel the best way to raise Christian kids is to shield them from non-Christian ideas, I have a different perspective on that. I do want to shield my kids, especially in their younger years, from bad influences… But when they have a foundation of faith of their own, I believe the best way to solidify their Christian worldview is to introduce them to the competing worldviews they’ll find out in society.

Failure to analyze the pervasive non-Christian ideas is like failure to prepare for battle

As some point in their lives, they’ll run into non-Christian perspectives in the world. It may be as a teenager or as an adult, in normal life or as they evangelize the lost – but they’ll run into them. And given that fact, I’d much rather be the one to introduce them to those ideas, and show them the weaknesses in those ideas while doing it.

The alternative is too frightening – that they’ll be confronted with these ideas by devotees, and that from a lack of preparation, they’ll be swayed, even if only for a short time, by the passion of the lost.

It’s not a stretch to say we are at war in society today, so acknowledging that and preparing our children with an effective defense is the responsible approach. Failing to do so, from fear that even a brief exposure to these ideas will harm them or brainwash them, is irresponsible parenting.

There is no idea we should be scared of taking on directly with the Truth

Of course there is an age appropriateness to these introductions. For my kids I waited until high school to begin my worldview course. By that age all of my kids had realized their own sinfulness, accepted Christ as their savior and been baptized, and had a growing personal faith.

They come into the study of non-Christian ideas already knowing what is right, in a mode of gaining additional knowledge and preparation for life.

Overview materials from a Christian perspective are great introductions

Books like The Universe Next Door and Assumptions that Affect our Lives are great explorations of other religions and worldview from the perspective of orthodox Christianity.

Reading original source materials is an important next step

Stopping with the Christian overviews would give an incomplete view of these competing ideas. Going directly to source writings is an important next step. It is there that weaknesses and contradictions can be seen clearly, open for all to see, but noticed only by those with discernment. And far from risking a negative influence from these non-Christian ideas, after seeing their problems up close in the original writings, they lose their power completely and forever in the mind of our kids.

Charles Darwin is a great case in point.

At several points in The Origin of Species, Darwin offers (quite humble) commentary about how much his theory relies on intermediate forms (the “Missing Link” and other similar in-between steps) – of which basically none have ever been discovered in the fossil record. Darwin even goes so far as to say that if these forms are never found, that would be a powerful disproof of his theory.

Further, as a major proof of how Evolutionists have departed from Darwin’s original “theory”, in the final paragraphs of Origin of Species, Darwin credits the Creator with breathing life into being initially. That’s certainly not taught in today’s biology classes when they talk about Darwin!

There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed by the Creator into a few forms or into one… — Charles Darwin, Origin of Species

Christians, there is NO idea big enough to stand against God’s truth! Teach your children about those who stand against Him. Realize that introducing them to those ideas is arming them for conflict they’re certain to see in their lives! Don’t leave it to the world to inculcate your children in these ideas – help them understand the true weakness of the ideas which have torn apart the fabric of our once great Christian nation.

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